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Terms & Conditions

This page outlines the Conditions of access to and/or use of the Site.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of the Conditions

Access to the site, use of the site, linking (of any kind) to the site, use of software and/or downloading software on or from the site, are activities that herein constitute “Access” to the site. Acceptance and compliance with the terms, conditions and notices and disclaimers found in this document and/or anywhere else on the site (the Conditions) is a conditional prerequisite for access to the site. The Conditions are deemed to have been accepted as binding if you access the site. The Conditions may, at any time and without notice to you, be amended. It is your responsibility to periodically check the Conditions in this document and/or elsewhere on the site.

Ownership of content on the site

All material on the site which includes but is not limited to, information, graphics, text, software, materials, tools, names, results derived from the use of software and tools, logos, advertisements, and trade marks on the site (Content) are subject to and protected by copyright, trademark and/or other relevant intellectual property laws unless otherwise stated on the site.

Any unauthorised modification, copying, reproduction, republication, framing, downloading, uploading, posting, transmission or distribution of Content from the site is prohibited, without prior written consent.

You are strictly prohibited from using spider, robot, screen scraper, or any other automated similar software or device (Prohibited Device) to access or use the site in any way whatsoever. Without prior written approval you are strictly prohibited from using any Prohibited Device or the like to download, copy, or monitor the content. Content on the site may be accessed or indexed by Search engines on the condition that the Robots Exclusion standard is complied with and documents with METATAG markings designed to preclude access, including indexing, archiving, or caching are excluded.

Access to the Site

You are hereby authorised to view the site through the use of a web browser, and save an electronic copy, or print a copy of parts of this website provided that the use is solely personal use, information, research or study and on the condition that the content is kept intact, that is, it is in the same form as it is presented on the Site (this includes but is not limited to all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices and all advertisements).

Any unlawful use of the Site or Content is strictly prohibited. You must not use the Site or the Content in a manner which is in violation of any legal or other right of Spendbitcoins, or which is prohibited by the Conditions.

The Content must not be used, in any way whatsoever to establish, maintain or provide, or assist in establishing, maintaining or providing a stock market for trading in securities.

Unless prior written approval is given by Spendbitcoins any use of the Content for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Any use other than accessing and using the Content for personal and private decision making purposes is a use of the content for commercial purposes.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability

It is the belief of Spendbitcoins that all Site Content is derived from accurate and current sources, however Spendbitcoins, and/or their agents, directors, officers, employees or contractors (Spendbitcoins personnel) do not:

(a)   Represent or warrant that the Site Content is reliable, accurate or complete; or

(b)   Warrant uninterrupted or error-free access

(c)   Warrant that functions contained in any Content will be error free.

Spendbitcoins and Spendbitcoins Personnel will not be liable in any way whatsoever for loss or damage arising out of, or in connection with use or access to the Site and/or its Content and/or any omissions in the Content, except where statute expressly states that liability cannot be excluded.

Liability for breach of any implied warranty which cannot be excluded with respect to goods and/or services supplied or offered by Spendbitcoins or Spendbitcoins personal is limited (at Spendbitcoins option) to either:

(a)   Supply of the goods (or goods of equivalent) again; or

(b)   Supply of the services again; or

(c)   The payment of the cost of delivering the goods (or goods of equivalent) again; or

(d)   The payment of the cost of supplying the services again.


With respect to all loss, actions, proceedings, costs, expenses (including legal fees) claims and damages arising from:

(a)   Your breach of any of the Conditions; or

(b)   Your reliance on any information found or obtained through the site; or

(c)   Your access to the site; or

(d)   Any reliance upon or use of any Content by any person accessing any Content through your website.

You must indemnify Spendbitcoins and Spendbitcoins Personnel and keep Spendbitcoins and Spendbitcoins Personnel indemnified.

Uncollected Bitcoins

In the event that an order is placed for Bitcoins and a reference number is not supplied as required the following conditions apply subject to law:

1.    If after a 6 month period the Bitcoins are not claimed, and the consumer is unable to be located, the Bitcoins are forfeited by the consumer (you) to the company; and
2.    The consumer (you) forever releases the company from any claims, actions suites or proceedings arising in connection with the uncollected bitcoins.
In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any laws dealing with uncollected goods, these terms and conditions will prevail to the extent permitted by law.

Not investment advice

The Site provides content which is general information only. It is never the intent that the Site or its Content provides investment advice and therefore the Site and the Site Content must not be relied upon as such. Professional investment advice is strongly recommended before making any investment decision.

The Site, and/or any of its Content does not provide, and must not be construed as providing any recommendations, including but not limited to financial products, or investment opportunities. Spendbitcoins and Spendbitcoins Personnel hereby state that prior to any action or investment, prior independent professional advice should be sought.

IMPORTANT: There may be a delay of more than 30 minutes on other information provided on the Site.

Advertising and links to other web sites

The Site may contain links (of numerous kinds) to third party sites (Linked Sites). Spendbitcoins does not control Linked Sites, and Spendbitcoins is not responsible for any content, on any Linked Site or any hyperlink contained in a Linked Site (Subsequent Link). Any hyperlinks on the Site are for your convenience only. Spendbitcoins or Spendbitcoins personnel does not in any way endorse any Linked Site. If you chose to access any Linked Site or Subsequent Site you do so entirely at your own risk.

The Site also contains Third Party Material. Third Party Material is any third party advertisements (including banner ads, logos and information) and material and/or documents relating to or provided by third parties. Third Party Material may contain embedded hyperlinks to sites operated by third parties, or their licensees, agents or contractors (Third Party Website). Spendbitcoins and/or Spendbitcoins Personnel do not recommend, endorse, or warrant as to the credibility or reliability of the products or services of those third parties.

Some Third Party Material contains representations and/or offers by the Third Parties which can be accepted by linking to the Third Party’s website and executing the transaction. These are offers that are not made by Spendbitcoins or Spendbitcoins Personnel. The Third Party is solely responsible to you for any delivery or performance

Spendbitcoins or Spendbitcoins Personnel do not give any representation or warranty as to the reliability, accuracy or completeness of any Third Party Material on the Site, Third Party Websites, Linked Sites, or Subsequent Sites. Spendbitcoins or Spendbitcoins Personnel do not accept any responsibility however it may arise (including for example negligence) for errors in, or omissions from such Third Party Material, Third Party Websites, Linked Sites or Subsequent Sites.